Zanzibar is part of the country of Tanzania and is located in the Indian Ocean. Its African vibes, European influences and Arab roots make this place a perfect scenario to experiment new foods while having good experiences.

Hakuna Matata means “No worries” in Swahili (Zanzibar’s lenguaje)
Sunset in Nungwi beach (North)
Boat in Nungwi
1. Zanzibar coconut chicken curry (Mchuzi wa Samaki) with rice. 2. Pizza, crab caught by us and Zanzibar coconut curry. 3. Shrimps with green salad and spinach in coconut cream (Mchicha wa Nazi). 4. Traditional breakfast (chapati bread, bun and fresh fruits). 5. Chicken skewers Swahili style with Lyonnaise potatoes. 6. Seafood platter (octopus, calamari, tuna, shrimps, squid, lobster and vegetables.
The Rock Restaurant
The Rock Coconut Tiramisu

Enjoying my biggest pleasures!