Food in Costa Rica

Costa Rica (which literally means “rich coast”) is a country located in North America. It’s a small country that offers a wide variety of activities to do, views to enjoy, and fresh and mouth-watering food to try.

Oropendola Waterfall, Guanacaste
Playa Hermosa overlook, Guanacaste — Cerro Tinajitas, Alajuela — Río Celeste Waterfall, Guanacaste
River in Bajos del Toro, Alajuela — Maquengue waterfall, Limón
Casado, baked corn and pork ribs with yuca — Chifrijo — Gallo pinto -Pops ice creams — Ceviche — Arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) — Rice with seafood

Enjoying my biggest pleasures!